Photo by David Anthony Wayne Anderson,

Photo by David Anthony Wayne Anderson

Details of the bodice and sleeves. Jewelry was not created by the artist. Photo by David Anthony Wayne Anderson

The cartridge pleats and points, which distribute the weight of the gown. Ribbons lace to the bodice through hand-bound eyelets

Photo taken during performance by Richard Jones

Photo taken during performance by Rich Eclipse

Floral crown and mask created to match the gown for the 2015 Masquerade Ball.

Images of the artist in costume used during the 2016 advertising campaign

My original concept sketch. Though the color scheme remained unchanged, many of the details evolved with my research

A later informal sketch, showing a much more precise version of the eventual trim pattern, sleeve details and hat design

Creating the stays. Here you can see the unusual boning materials (jute twine and cable ties) as well as the historically-accurate pattern

The finished stays

Dyeing the gown fabric. She small swatch represents the original color, and the background is the completed yardage

Bodice pieces prior to being flat-lined. I attached the trim directly to the fashion fabric so that the stitches would be concealed within the lining and protected

Pulling up the cartridge pleats, before attaching them to the waist band

The dress is progress, without hems

Making the hat

Pleating the crown onto the hat brim