Wool satin 1880's Riding Bodice, interlined with cotton-back satin and lined with silk charmeuse. Created for tailoring class, Spring 2017

Samantha Bruce (left) performs as Gwen. Photo by Jerry Dalia http://www.dalphoto.com/

The jacket in an early stage of development, showing the horsehair canvas and padstitching on the lapels

Detail of the waistband and skirt closures

Women’s purple wool tweed suit jacket in the style of 1962 created for “A Song at Twilight” directed by Paul Mullins at STNJ. Worn by Allison Weller in the role of Hilde Latymer, designed by Nikki Delhomme

Silver suit jacket created for “Coriolanus”, designed by Tristain Raines and directed by Brian Crowe. Worn by Aurea Tomeski in the role of Valeria