14th century cotehardie, based on an image from "The Romance of Alexander," (at left) illuminated by Jehan de Grise, 1338-1344

1550's style Italian gown, based on the paintings of Veronese

Men’s ‘cavalier’ suit, based on the Coronation dress of Gustavus Adolphus, 1617, photo at bottom left

‘Restoration’ era gown, based on a painting by Gabriel Metsu, 1663

Rocco suit, based on an original in the LACMA collection (left), circa 1760. The gold ‘embroidery’ is freehand painting

1780's pierrot jacket and skirt, based on an original (left) from the Historic Deerfield Museum, 1780-1795

More views of the pierrot jacket mockup with the original, lower left

1845 style day dress in green cotton satin, based on an original in brown silk (left) in the LACMA collection

Details of the 1845 day dress

Bustle gown circa 1885, based on an original held at Kent State University. Original dress (1st and 3rd pictures) is silk and velvet while my reproduction (2nd and 4th pictures) is brown silk and green wool.

Details of the 1885 bustle dress

1890's ensemble, based on an original (left) held at the FIDM museum

1910 style dress in silk charmeuse

1920's ‘Robe de Style’ based on a Lanvin original, left, Metropolitan Museum of Art. The beading on the reproduction, at right, is freehand puff paint

Detail of the painted “beading”

1930's day dress in blue silk crepe, left and center, based on an original in orange rayon (right), sold on Etsy by Deargolden

1930's bias evening dress based on a pale pink original (right) sold on Etsy by Mill Street Vintage

1957 strapless ‘New Look’ cocktail dress, based on an original by Christian Dior