The completed yak mask- photo is enhanced to show details in the black mask.

The mask has buckram inserts at the eyes and below for visibility and breath-ability. The eyelids are fosshape and ornamented with weft hair eyelashes.

The mask process, from polymer clay maquette and cardboard matrix to the final piece.

Poly-chrome embroidered pocket, right, inspired by a museum original.

Covered and re-made court pump, bottom, compared to the store-bought original, top.

The completed pair

The covered shoe showing the heel re-shaping, done with two-part sculpting epoxy.

The shoe vamp was rebuilt with scrap leather

The vamp is covered and bound before adding the latchets

Original 17th century embroidered glove, top, and the artist’s lambskin reproduction, bottom.

Paper mache and buckram ‘ghoul’ mask, inspired by an illustration by Abigail Larson (top right). Finished mask is shown with polymer clay maquette, bottom right.

Blue wool spats, designer and created by the artist

Design for blue wool spats

Parasol made from a vintage sari

The vintage parasol frame was completely bare: here the artist uses foil and string to ‘drape’ the new panels

Heavily damaged vintage sari, reclaimed for parasol cover

The parasol is lined with custom-dyed cotton, shown here, to improve durability and sun resistance

Laser-cut hair comb, left, shown with the inspiration circa 1900

Vector file created by the artist

Cutting in progress